Canadians, Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace

Canadians, Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace (CAJJP) is an organization of Halifax residents devoted to the achievement of a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Our organization consists of Arabs, Jews and other Canadians who see the turmoil in the Middle East and insist that there must be a better way.

First and foremost among our goals is an end to the military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the dismantling of Israeli settlements in those occupied territories. The occupation and its attendant brutalization of both Palestinians and Jews is the root cause of the current troubles. The occupation is not supported by the majority of Israelis. Fifty-seven percent of American Jews now favor creation of a Palestinian state. Yet the Israeli government and the Israelis who continue to build and populate the settlements drag the region closer to all-out war.

CAJJP carries out the following activities:

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